Designer & DTRPG

Dead After Dinner

A GM-less tabletop RPG
about a murder in the family

One of Polygon's Best RPGs of 2023

Bully Pulpit Games

Folly and Fortune Playset &
Just Add a Goose Mini Playset

Pride & Panic Expansion Pack

The Goose of Grillner Grove

A GM-less tabletop RPG about a goose, and the townsfolk it terrorizes. & DTRPG


A GM-less RPG about coming back together with a group you lost

with Yoshi Creelman & Andy Munich

My Little Daemon

A GM-less tabletop RPG for two, about a cyberwitch and the digital daemon she’s summoned

200 Word RPG


A game of discovery for 2-6 players

You are a group of humans sent to an empty alien ship to investigate.


Van Ryder Games

The Building That Never Was

Revenant Society

Kickstarted March 2023

Dice Up Games

Pirate's Pass

Dungeon Run Adventures

Kickstarted February 2023

Laughing Kaiju


The Zone - Book of Twists

Releasing in 2023

Thorny Games

Beneath Violet Waves

Xenolanguage - Games to Bind Us

Releasing in 2023

Evil Hat


Apocalypse Keys - Stretch Goal

Simon & Schuster

Event Planning in Zero-G

The Ultimate Micro-RPG Book


Kids in Books

Strange Adventures Volume 2

ENNie Silver  2020
Best Family Game / Product 

Galileo Games

Additional Writing

Thousand Arrows

IDGN Groundbreaker Nominee - Best Rules 2023

Magpie Games

The Joined Playbook

Masks: A New Generation
Halcyon City Herald Collection


with Andy Munich
& Yoshi Creelman

A Descended From the Queen RPG about coming back together

Trashfire 2020
with Jason Morningstar
& Jazzlyn Stone

A Fiasco playset for
"These Uncertain Times"

Hotel Retrograde
with Jason Morningstar

You are the last crew of a space station, who must fix it up before you can go home

Per Aspera
with Adam Robichaud

A prompt-driven story game about trauma, identity, and finding humanity's home on Mars

Autumn of the Ancients
with Adam Robichaud

Glass Ceiling
Live Action Game

2016 Golden Cobra
Honorable Mention

One Year
Live Action Game

2017 Golden Cobra Winner
Games that Give us Hope