Jenn Martin

picture by J. R. Blackwell

Jenn (she/her) is a game designer and editor living outside of Chicago, IL. She served for 5 years as the LARP Coordinator for Big Bad Con, the non-profit annual gaming convention in San Francisco. A member of SFWA, her credits include game design for Bully Pulpit Games, Dice Up Games, Evil Hat Press, Hunters Entertainment, Laughing Kaiju, Simon & Schuster, Thorny Games and Van Ryder Games. She has edited and proofread over a million words of game text for Bully Pulpit Games, Evil Hat Press, and Laughing Kaiju, and more, and project managed Kickstarter campaigns for Rosenstrasse, and Fiasco. Learn more about her work here.

What It's Like to Work with Jenn:

"I hired Jenn when I was struggling with some Jukebox mechanics that had been consistent friction points for players. They were 80% of where I wanted them to be – and this was reflected in playtest surveys, where they were rated 4/5. I hired Jenn for a developmental consult: she read the entire manuscript, produced a report, and we talked for a few hours. Her feedback was specific and actionable, and pulled from her deep knowledge of the indie games sphere. This gave me the justification and courage I needed to make some larger changes to Jukebox. I did, playtested it, and got my first 5/5 playtester ratings. The improvement she helped me make on Jukebox is literally backed up by the numbers and I'm so glad I hired her!" -Lyla Fujiwara, Jukebox

"Jenn was such a joy to work with on THE ZONE! I already knew I was hiring a great editor and proofreader-Jenn sets the standard for some of the ttrpgs & game companies I admire most, and patiently taught me how to set up my editing workflow and create a style guide (as well as writing a brilliant and creative scenario for the game!) But working with Jenn was so much more than that! I also got the immense wisdom and support of a ttrpg veteran able to buff creative potholes, nuke procrastination, and navigate the moving parts of creating and publishing a game. Can't wait for the next project together!" -Raph D'Amico, The Zone

"I feel that editing TTRPGs requires a nuanced understanding of play and learning how to play, and I struggled with how to present information in the book in a helpful flow. Jenn was such a rockstar and I could feel how she wanted to preserve my poetic approach and voice!" -Rae Nedjadi, Apocalypse Keys

"Want to hire a writer/narrative designer? Check out @tenpenjenn's work!" -Banana Chan, owner Game and a Curry

"If you ever want to know what working with Jenn is like, feel free to ask and I will tell you it is EXCESSIVELY GREAT" -Jason Morningstar, owner Bully Pulpit Games

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